Survival Strategies of Nature
Survival Strategies of Nature (2008)
An Adder and a Hedgehog are challenging each other: surprisingly - although the snake is poisonous - the Hedgehog is one of the biggest enemies of the Adder due to the spines for defense and its immunity against the snake's poison.
Attack and defense are two opposite forms of behaviour in nature, leading to one goal: the survival of an organism within a certain environment.
These diverse strategies of survival have been investigated in detail by showing examples of specialized plants and animals as well as their individual lifestyle within the ecosystem: camouflage and cooperation, speed and strength, warning colours or weapons are only a few of the many fascinating aspects in ecological research.

This huge variety of survival skills has ever been an inspiration
for scientists, but also for creative minds - like artists, designers and actors. Let us find out more about "Survival Strategies of Nature" !

Survival Strategies of Nature (pdf)

Presented in the course of a Choreographer's workshop
Organised by "Tanztendenz München e.V.", 22.10.2008
Written and illustrated by Daniel Kufner